In Commercial applications, Stretch-Tie™ plant ties can save users time and money.  When tested, Stretch-Tie™ has been shown to be over 60% than tying plants by hand with various materials.  Labor is the majority of the cost of tying your plants, do it 60% faster!!

  • Degradable, additive by Eco-Pure®
  • No machines to buy, break, lose or replace
  • Stronger and more supportive than machine tying.  This means you will not need to retie your crops after a windy day or plant growth.
  • Stretch-Tie™ can be reused.  Once Stretch-Tie™ is integrated into your crops, your crew can retie a plant anytime without needing to carry materials.
  • Plant support for Trees, Espalier, Trellis, Topiary, Tomatoes, Vines, Hops, Citrus, and more….
  • Made in USA



10 inch case