Helping You Tie Any Plant Material in Your Garden

The Expandable Twist Tie Stretch-Tie is much like a common bread or garbage bag tie but is made from expandable plastic and has noncontinuous metal so they stretch to accommodate the growth of most plant material.

Developed by Nursery Professionals 50–60% faster than hand-tying. No machines to lose, break, jam, or buy. Tighter than machines and less reworking US and international patents pending.

Biodegradable, Stretch-Ties™ contain an additive in the plastic that allows common microorganisms in the soil to break them down once in contact with soil.

Stretch-Ties™ are made in the USA.

Uses include:

  • Viticulture
  • Horticulture
  • Citrus
  • Tomatoes
  • Christmas Trees
  • More…
  • US Patent 7,856,754
  • International Patents Pending