Buy Local

We encourage you to find a distributor nearby.  It will save you in shipping costs and keep your hard earned dollars closer by, improving the economy of your neighbors.

If there is no distributor near you or those you contact do not have stock in the item you wish to purchase, then please visit Grower's Nursery Supply, the master distributor of Stretch-Tie.  Keep in mind there will be shipping costs as Grower's is located in Salem, Oregon.

State Customer Phone Website
CA Swinger Pruning Services 559-816-7711
FL General Cordage 813-620-1186
NC Cherokee Manufacturing 800-798-9473
NC Fanntum nursery supply 704-236-7726
NJ Reach Supplies LLC 717-419-8363
OH A.M. Leonard, Inc. 937-773-2694
OR Growers Nursery Supply, Inc. 503-393-6411
OR Linde Vineyard Supply 503-838-0356
OR OBC Northwest, Inc. 503-266-2021 
OR Oregon Vineyard Supply Co. 800-653-2216
TN Dayton Bag & Burlap - TN 931-743-6931
TX Dayton Bag & Burlap - TX 903-491-3565