The Expandable Twist Tie

Grows with your Plants

Attach Plants to Stakes Conveniently and Safely

6x1/2 Green

6x1/2 Tan

6x1/2 Green

10x1 Tan

All Products Made In the USA

International Patents Pending

Stretch-Tie™ is much like a common bread or garbage bag tie, but is made from expandable plastic and has a non-continuous metal wire so it stretches to accommodate growth of most plant material.

Plastic and Wire working in harmony

The keys to the patented* Stretch-Tie™ design are the two components each doing their part.  The wire only aids in the tying process but never girdles the plant.  The entire length of the plastic stretches independent of the wire allowing several seasons of growth secured to a stake without breaking or girdling.

Why Stretch-Tie?

  • 50-60% faster than “hand tying”
  • No expensive, tools to buy, reload and repair
  • Tie is tighter and holds better than machine ties
  • Invented, patented and manufactured in the USA.

Currently Stretch-Ties™ are being packaged in cases of 4000 (1/2") or 2000 (1") for commercial growing applications.
Consumer packs of 40 are also available in the 6x1/2 size.


Tan is the original color designed for strength and longevity.

Green has similar longevity but contains more EVA which makes it softer and allows it to stretch more for faster growing, softer bark plant material.


Strength & Stretch compared to Green Tie Tape

We employed a stretching tool to measure strength and stretchiness of each of the stretch –ties against 1/2” and 1” 8mil green tie tape.

Strength & Stretch test graph

Stretch-Tie sizes available

All 6x1-2 on maple

6 x 1/2"

Colors: Green, Tan

Box Qty: 4,000

Use the 6 x 1/2" size for smaller material and smaller stakes where the combined circumference is 4" or less.

Use Green for softer bark.

Use Tan for tougher bark and an even stronger tie.

Tan on maple

10 x 1/2"

Colors: Tan

Box Qty: 4,000

Use the 10 x 1/2" size for larger material and stakes where the combined circumference is more than 4".

Tan 10x1 on conifer

10 x 1"

Colors: Tan

Box Qty: 2,000

Use the 10 x 1" size for larger material and stakes where the combined circumference is 4" or less.

The 1" width adds significant extra strength for harsher environment conditions.